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    Where can I park?

    You may enter our parking deck, adjacent to the Midtown Medical Plaza building, from either Providence Road or Randolph Road. The entrance is approximately 1/2 block from the intersection of Caswell Road. From either entrance, you may drive up the ramps and park in any visitor parking space.

    • General parking will be on level 6p in the Midtown parking deck.
    • Handicapped parking is on level 1p.
    • Once on 6p, walk across the walkway connector and turn left to suite 580.

    How do I get into the office from the parking deck?

    From any level of the parking deck, take the elevator to the second floor. When you step out of the elevator, turn right and follow the signs directing you to the Metroview Building. We are the first office on the left when you enter the Metroview Building.

    How do I have my medical records sent to another practice?

    To release records to another practice, we need your written permission. We have forms in the office available for that purpose. The process of transferring records can be time consuming, and we ask for two weeks to complete that work. We automatically send a copy of each visit to the physician who referred you to us.

    What if I have a question after hours?

    Our after hours phone system is focused on dealing with urgent health problems. Questions regarding refills, appointments and billing cannot be handled after hours. For these questions, we ask that you call the office the next business day.